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I believed I had perioral dermatitis (self-diagnosed). I was left with this dark patch around my mouth, I tried a couple of products which clearly did not work, I used your products ;
- Raw Black soap (everyday to wash off my make-up)
-Acne Facial Bar (used day and night)
-Acne Facial Milk (only at night)
I didn't get your SPF, because I already had one (which I used during the day)

Finding a product that works is a dream come true.
Thank you, and I'll continue using your products.


Always broke out on my forehead, I Used your ``ACNE TREATMENT SET`` for few weeks, acne scars gradually fading, almost gone. I'll send you the pictures when it's all gone. Thank you @theskinace


I used the acne set for about 3 - 4 weeks, I can say my breakouts are gone. I still have little spots here and there but they are evening out gradually
Thank you @theskinace


Dear SkinAce,
Thanks for the products. I have been using them for 2 weeks now and my skin has improved. It is clearer and brighter and less oily
My skin gets better and better and people at my place of work are commenting how my skin glowing
For face, I use - Acne/face treatment set
For body, I use - Baobab +Cocoa Glow scrub
Argan illuminating Body soap
Nubian Milk

Mrs D

Here s my 3 weeks review of @THESKINACE ``For the longest, I have always been insecure about my acne spots and sunburnt FACE. I have tried a couple of products but all to no avail. I would break out every month and cover it up with a lot of makeup.lol.fast forward to early June, I was introduced by a friend to your products, THE ACNE/FACE TREATMENT SET
I was a bit sceptical at first because I had spent a fortune on products that never worked in the past.my face transformed in 3weeks with a strict regime of facials, products applications and a healthy diet.
Thank you @theskinace for my flawless face, I now go out confidently without makeup and I get lots of compliments too💃🏽😘``


Best thing that has happened to me, is your products, I'm love with them

wonder woman

I've always covered up this ``thing`` on my face with make-up, always getting that face beat, neglecting what lies underneath.
I stumbled upon your page, and decided to try this out, even though I've seen alot of scam on the internet, I must say ``you're genuine``, you adviced me to go for facials, try to eat healthy, change my pillow cases every now and then, because the problem areas was were I sleep on, in addition, what products to use - ``I used the acne set which includes the Facial Milk, facial Bar, scrub and toner for about 2 - 3 weeks, I can clearly see a difference in my skin. I Will definitely continue to use your products, it isn't harsh on my sensitive skin and it works,
Very much appreciate @theskinace


My face has changed in few days using your products when I get my salary, I will buy the body products


I just don’t know where to start I’m so happy with my skin right now, and I want to order more.